Guaranteed 2016 NFL Full Season Package

With the changes I’ve made this off-season I’m confident that the 2016 NFL season is going to be a good one.  How confident?  So confident that for a limited time I’m guaranteeing it (with a money-back guarantee)! Here’s the deal:

2016 NFL Full Season Guaranteed Package:

The guaranteed NFL Full Season Package is $995.00 and will offer a money back guarantee (for the cost of the subscription minus Paypal processing fees) if we don’t show a positive percentage of bankroll on my official plays by season’s end.  This offer will have a hard cut-off and will be limited to the first 50 customers or until August 20th, whichever comes first.

All official plays (not Free Plays which won’t have a rating and won’t count in my record) will be rated as a percentage of bankroll and almost all plays will be suggested (to win) 3% plays.  We may have occasional 2% plays and rarely a 4% play.

So there is no confusion, plays will be graded using lines from 5 Dimes and Bookmaker. In the event these two differ, I will grade using the worse line of the two at send-out.

This package will include every official play I release all season from Week 1 through the playoffs and the Super Bowl.  Each week I’ll send an update as to where we stand in my Recap newsletter.

Take advantage now before it’s too late!