MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE on my Guaranteed Full-Season NFL Package!!

Just a reminder that a couple of Limited-Time offers are running out soon. One of which you probably won’t see anywhere else and includes a Money-back Guarantee and refund!

Here’s the deal:
The Guaranteed NFL Full Season Package is $995.00 and will offer a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE AND REFUND (for the cost of the subscription minus Paypal processing fees) if we don’t show a positive percentage of bankroll on my official plays by season’s end.  I’ll send your refund automatically – no questions asked.  This offer will have a hard cut-off and will be limited to the first 50 customers or until August 20th, whichever comes first.  Who else is offering a straight-forward MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE?  No one as far as I know.  I’ve seen it once or twice in my 15 years doing this.

Why am I doing this?  Because I’m that confident that this season is going to be a good one. 

Money-back guaranteed spots are limited (I have 18 spots left) so act now before it’s too late.

What’s included:  Every official play that I release starting Week 1 and running through the playoffs and the Super Bowl.  No gimmicks.  No multiple clubs.  Just one service with one set of official plays.

All official plays will be rated as a percentage of bankroll and almost all plays will be suggested (to win) 3% plays.  We may have occasional 2% plays and rarely a 4% play.  No play will exceed a 4% rating and no play will be less than a 2% rating.  So there is no confusion, plays will be graded using lines from 5 Dimes and Bookmaker. In the event these two differ, I will grade using the worse line of the two at send-out.

An update that clearly details where we stand will be sent in the Weekly recap each week and posted for all to see at for full transparency.  All of my plays will also be posted on Twitter shorty after kickoff so you can track my progress independently.

Another option is the NFL Full Season Early-Bird special of $445.00 (more than 40% discount) that will also run up until August 20th. The NFL Full Season package price will increase to $745.00 after that. The Early-Bird Package also includes every official play I release from Week 1 through the NFL Playoffs and the Super Bowl, just without the money-back guarantee.

There will be no write-ups this season so I can spend all the time I can evaluating opportunities that give us our best shot at a great season.

Please feel free to contact me with questions about these packages, my methods, or whatever, via email at or go to for more information.

Here’s a summary of my long-term performance:

10 Year Documented NFL Record:  384-296 for 56.5% winners

Independently documented by the National Sports Monitor (2006), The Sports Monitor (2007-2012), and Dr Bob Sports (2013-2015).  2006-2012 as Intellisports and then 2013-2015 as Mike O’Connor NFL.

 Average Return of +16.34% of Bankroll per season the past ten years (NFL)

Nearly triples the performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (+5.64% per year) & S&P 500 (+6.09% per year) the past 10 years.

+ CLV (Closing Line Value)

Average of +.42 CLV on NFL plays all time

NFL Only Specialist

The only sport I’m working on year-round is the NFL.  I’m not handicapping 200 or more games per week like other services that offer multiple sports.  I’m focused exclusively on the NFL.

Advanced Methodology

I combine predictive modeling, situational analysis and subjective factors to forecast winners.

Fully Transparent

One of the few services that has independently documented every play ever released.  All plays this season will be displayed shortly after kickoff, posted on Twitter, and graded against widely available lines.

Guaranteed and Early-Bird discounts expire August 20th.  Take advantage of this limited time offer at: