NFL Week 5 Early Game Plays

NFL Week 5 (1PM EST start time) Plays:  3% Houston/Minnesota 1st Half Under 19.5, Titans +3.5 (-115), New York Jets +9, Lions +3 and a buy-back on a play that was released earlier in the week (3% Washington/Baltimore Over 45 and 3% Washington/Baltimore Under 44.5)

NFL Week 4 Recap

We had our first bad week of the 2016 season in Week 4, dropping both of our official plays (Ravens -3 -125 and Jets +8.5/SF +8.5 teaser).  Opinions were 2-2.

With an 0-2 Week for -7.2% of bankroll we now stand at 9-5-1 for +9.45% of bankroll on the season.  Opinions are now 4-3.

Looking forward to getting back at it this week.

Good Luck.

NFL Week 3 Recap

We had another winning week in Week 3, going 4-2-1 for +5.1% of bankroll.

It could have been a little better had Kirk Cousins and Jay Gruden not botched the end of the first half and we bought the hook on the Lions (we would have been 6-1), but I will not make the gambling gods angry by complaining.

We’ll humbly take the profit and hope for the best as always moving forward.

With our third very good week to start the season, we are now 9-3-1 for +16.65% of bankroll.

Good Luck.

NFL 6-1 so far and 56.8% long-term Money-back Guarantee on Monthly Package

I won again on Thursday night with the Under 20 (-120) Houston/New England 1st half total and that brings my season to date record to 6-1 for +14.55% of bankroll.

Short term results have been good but the best indicator of future performance is long-term performance.  I’m now 390-297 for 56.8% winners since I started releasing plays publicly in 2006.  It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Actually, it does.  That’s because I’m offering a Money-Back Guarantee and refund on the Monthly Package (for the cost of the subscription minus Paypal processing fees) if we don’t show a positive percentage of bankroll on my official plays during duration of subscription (31 days of service).

I currently have 4 plays available for Week 3 and may add another one or two today.  Act now on the best deal in the sports service industry bar none.

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