Because I am so confident that we will win again this year I’m offering an NFL full-season money-back guaranteed package (a money back refund minus a small Paypal processing fee) if we don’t show a positive percentage of bankroll on my official plays.

What other service has a documented 56.3% adjusted win rate over 13 seasons and an average of +18.3% of bankroll won per season on widely available plays and offers a money-back guarantee?

Sides specifically have always been my specialty and have produced my best results.  Taking out all other plays my sides (full game and 1st half) have gone 490-360-32 for 57.6% winners (57.0% adjusted for juice).  Next year’s service will feature sides only for official plays (I may have some opinions on totals or teasers).  I’m sticking with what I do best.  

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me at if you have any questions or prefer to pay by check or money order.  Paypal will process all credit card transactions.

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