I’ve had fourteen football seasons since I started Intellisports in 2006 (10 in the NFL and 4 in College Football).  Last season was my first ever season below .500.  I’ll say it again.  My first ever season below .500.  And you don’t have to take my word for it like many other services, as all of my plays have been independently documented.  It’s been a remarkable run – one that very, very few have been able to achieve.  Over that time period my College record (2006-2009) is 272-225 for 54.7% winners and my very worst CFB season I was 60-60 (documented at www.nationalsportsmonitor.com (2006) and www.thesportsmonitor.com 2007-2012).  So, in my history, including every play that I have ever released I am a documented 656-521 for 55.7% (combined NFL and CFB) for +224.9% of bankroll.  That’s an average of +22.5% of bankroll won per season.  While I’m not handicapping College Football this season, the reason I mention my College record as well is to point out that including every game that I have ever released in my history (over 1200 games), I’m over 55%.  There aren’t many services that can provide you a list of every play they’ve ever made long-term with a better than 55% win rate.  I have a history of consistent winning and with the changes I’m making this season, I’m looking forward to getting back to near or above my long-term average. 

My Yearly Documented Records:

2006: 40-22 (64.5%)nationalsportsmonitor
2007: 35-30 (53.8%) thesportsmonitor
2008: 46-29 (61.3%) thesportsmonitor
2009: 34-24 (58.6%) thesportsmonitor
2010: 54-40 (57.4%) thesportsmonitor
2011: 40-25 (61.5%) thesportsmonitor
2012: 37-29 (56.1%) thesportsmonitor
2013: 38-32 (54.3%) Dr. Bob Sports
2014: 30-30 (50.0%) Dr. Bob Sports
2015: 30-35 (46.2%) Dr. Bob Sports
Total: 384-296 (56.5%)